2020 Fellows

  • Maral Bayaraa

    Satellite-enabled early warning system for geotechnical structures

  • Sam Bourne

    Characterising genetic variants associated with pain to improve the clinical translation of novel therapies

  • Sophie Duong

    Metal to Ceramic Interfacial Engineering for Armour Applications

  • Poppy Oldroyd

    Conducting polymer electrodes for interfacing with the brain

  • Euan Rodgers

    Development of a monitoring system using guided waves for nuclear components

  • Tom Waddell

    Causal modelling of type 2 diabetes and multi-organ dysfunction through quantitative magnetic resonance imaging: Applying Bayesian-networks

  • Jack Kay

    Discovery of novel antimicrobial peptides to combat current and emerging superbugs

  • Declan Williams

    Flow versus batch chemistry in the safe manufacture of explosives

  • Daniella Cheang

    Can you keep borrowing from future generations? A green biomimetic method for controlling chirality

  • Joe Lawton

    Remote Plasma Sputtering of High Quality Thermochromic Thin Films for Energy Conservation

    2019 Fellows

    • Jack Sutro

      Synthesising treatments for multi-drug resistant cancers

    • Tatiana Rogova

      Using light to speed up medicine development

    • Elisabeth Pickles

      Improving liver cancer diagnoses through new MRI techniques

    • Veronica Glyn

      Fighting cancer with the patient’s own cells

    • Marie Dale

      Digitally detecting invasive species on ship hulls

    • Shaun Smart

      Determining the boundary conditions of weld metal hydrogen cracking

    • Robert Rouse

      Predicting flooding effects with AI

    • Bojidar Rangelov

      Using machine learning to better diagnose COPD exacerbations

    • Alexander O’Neill

      Predicting tyre behaviour on different road surfaces

      2018 Fellows

      • Adam Hornsby

        Machine learning models to understand consumer preferences

      • Marta Ferran Marqués

        Luminescent coatings for ultrahigh temperature measurements

      • Mariastefania De Vido

        Advanced gain materials for high energy, high average power lasers

      • Carlos Julià

        White blood cell ‘photocopier’ to reduce cost of next generation cancer therapies by 60%

      • Ben Barnes

        Developing techniques to speed regenerative treatment

      • Jasmine Bone

        Predicting the degradation of polymer composites in marine environments

      • Christopher Magazzeni

        Predicting fatigue in jet engines to make travel safer

      • Adam McKenzie

        Growing compound semiconductors for optical communications

      • Alex Raymond

        Helping autonomous ships talk to humans

      • Jonathan Vince

        Improving the distribution of internal radiotherapy in tumours

      • Euan Ward

        Improving the reliability of low cost radar systems

      • Aleksandr Kovaltsuk

        Using big data to classify antibodies and improve therapeutic drugs

        2017 Fellows

        • Shaun Mansfield

          A manufacturing process for clinically-relevant cord blood haematopoietic stem cells

        • Laurence Devesse

          Massively Parallel Sequencing in forensic genomics

        • Iestyn Stead

          Reduction of energy losses in zero emissions liquid air engines

        • Andrew Anderson

          Manufacturing enhanced heat transfer surfaces on commercial heat exchangers

        • Dina Abdulaziz

          Re-engineering bone

        • Timur Avkiran

          Discovery of novel small molecule drugs for the treatment of Tuberculosis

        • Edward Williamson

          New ceramic coatings for Small Modular Reactors

        • Elsa Noaks

          An upstream step to remove contaminating cell types from T-cells for immuno-oncology

        • Sascha Ruggaber

          New reclamation technologies for the remanufacture of combustion engines

        • Ben Janes

          “Smart Mixing” – AI in live music systems

        • David Dearlove

          The regulatory and downstream effects of supplemental ketosis