The regulatory and downstream effects of supplemental ketosis

University of Oxford

David is researching the metabolic health benefits of a ketone containing drink. Ketones are naturally occurring molecules that our bodies produce during energetic stress, such as starvation. In starvation, ketones significantly extend survival by profoundly altering human metabolism. Dietary ketones may also cause cellular adaptations that may benefit metabolic health, and could therefore be useful in the treatment of some diseases such as diabetes.

To help understand the potential metabolic health benefits of the ketone drink, in his project David will attempt to characterise the cellular adaptations in humans from supplemental ketones.

During his physiotherapy studies, David spent 6 weeks working on an amputee ward where most patients he helped rehabilitate had lost limbs due to metabolic disease. This experience spurred him on to research how interventions, such as diet and exercise, may be used in the amelioration of illness and disease.

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