The Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 has been awarding fellowships and scholarships since 1891. Previous holders of these prestigious awards include 13 Nobel Laureates and many more have gone on to become eminent in their field. Today the 1851 Alumni Network contains nearly 900 active members. They span the globe from the Northwest Territories of Canada to New Zealand, from Sweden to South Africa and work in a diverse range of professions and fields. Through both events and online, the Commission encourages cooperation and a cross-pollination of ideas amongst its alumni and between alumni and current award holders.

Ernest Rutherford
1851 Award held 1895 – 1898
Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1908

Ernest Rutherford
"The 1851 Fellowship gave me the best ever start to my independent career. Not only did it help me to make friends across disciples with other 1851 awardees of my time, but it helped me connect with the incredible previous Fellows".

Professor Yamuna Krishnan
Research Fellow 2002