Industrial Fellowships are awarded to graduates with the potential to make an outstanding contribution to industry, for research supported by a company, leading to a patent, product or process improvement and a postgraduate award. Fellows receive significant funding towards their fees and salary, enabling employers to offer exciting personal development opportunities for their brightest employees.

Applications open in the summer

Applications for our Industrial Fellowships are currently closed. Applications for the 2024 round will open in the summer.

We encourage those interested in applying to get in touch with our team, who can answer questions about the process, help connect you to alumni for more information or advise on sourcing industrial or academic partners for your application.

Email Helen Harris, Fellowship Programme Manager

Fellowship Details

The aim of the scheme is to encourage profitable innovation and creativity in British Industry – to the mutual benefit of the Fellow and his or her sponsoring company. Projects in any science or engineering discipline will be considered.

Promotional Material

Promote this Fellowship with our marketing flyer including recent case studies, and our 3 postcard flyers aimed at the individual, company and university.

  • Nicholas Nyamayedenga

    Practical approaches to address non-dewatered alum sludge properties and benefits of dewatering

  • Yohn Taylor

    Development of Hyperpolarised 129Xe Magnetic Resonance Imaging to provide a Novel Translational Drug-development Imaging Framework

  • Finbar Gaffey

    Developing a platform to improve the identification of therapies for Motor Neurone Disease

  • James Rowley

    A Platform for the High-Throughput Screening of Reactive Fragments in Cells

  • Jessica Crompton

    Synthesis of Quaternary Stereocentres via Hydrogen Borrowing Catalysis

  • Joe Ross

    Cell State Estimation For Modular Battery Packs

  • Magdalene Ho

    Home-Grown Therapeutics- Using bioinspired nanotechnology to harvest patient-derived biologics for healing chronic wounds

  • Matthew Diable

    Development and industrialisation of novel hyperbranched photopolymers via proprietary technology to revolutionise 3D printing

  • Joseph Counte

    Reducing temperature uncertainty in thermal memory coatings for advanced gas turbine applications

  • Aleksandra Nikoniuk

    Integrating automated microfluidics process analytical technology platforms into autologous CAR-T cell manufacturing