Industrial Fellowships are awarded to graduates with the potential to make an outstanding contribution to industry, for research supported by a company, leading to a patent, product or process improvement and a postgraduate award. Fellows receive significant funding towards their fees and salary, enabling employers to offer exciting personal development opportunities for their brightest employees.

Applications open in October

The aim of the scheme is to encourage profitable innovation and creativity in British Industry – to the mutual benefit of the Fellow and his or her sponsoring company. Projects in any science or engineering discipline will be considered.

Promotional Material

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  • Maral Bayaraa

    Satellite-enabled early warning system for geotechnical structures

  • Sam Bourne

    Characterising genetic variants associated with pain to improve the clinical translation of novel therapies

  • Sophie Duong

    Metal to Ceramic Interfacial Engineering for Armour Applications

  • Poppy Oldroyd

    Conducting polymer electrodes for interfacing with the brain

  • Euan Rodgers

    Development of a monitoring system using guided waves for nuclear components

  • Tom Waddell

    Causal modelling of type 2 diabetes and multi-organ dysfunction through quantitative magnetic resonance imaging: Applying Bayesian-networks

  • Jack Kay

    Discovery of novel antimicrobial peptides to combat current and emerging superbugs

  • Declan Williams

    Flow versus batch chemistry in the safe manufacture of explosives

  • Daniella Cheang

    Can you keep borrowing from future generations? A green biomimetic method for controlling chirality

  • Joe Lawton

    Remote Plasma Sputtering of High Quality Thermochromic Thin Films for Energy Conservation