“Smart Mixing” – AI in live music systems

Allen & Heath Limited
Plymouth University

Ben is developing a digital audio mixing system that uses artificial intelligence to support sound engineers during live performances, such as music concerts or festivals.

His work involves the use of machine learning to develop algorithms that can map musical structures and patterns, and detect audio problems associated with live performance such as feedback. These algorithms will then be incorporated into mixing systems, freeing sound engineers to work on the more creative aspects of the live performance, assisting them in time constrained and repetitive tasks, and even providing an automated mixer where there is no resident sound engineer.

Ben Janes graduated with a first-class MEng (Hons) in Electrical Engineering from Plymouth University in 2014, before moving to Cornwall to work as a research and development software engineer for professional audio company, Allen & Heath. His work has included the development of signal processing algorithms for implementation on FPGA and digital signal processors, embedded processor system design and graphical user interface design.

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