New reclamation technologies for the remanufacture of combustion engines

Autocraft Drivetrain Solutions Limited
University of Strathclyde

Despite being put into practice by the automotive industry over 40 years ago, the remanufacturing of combustion engines is an under-researched area in comparison to manufacturing them with brand new materials. In order to reduce waste and reclaim more parts out of used engines, new technologies must be researched.

Sascha’s research project aims to improve remanufacturing of combustion engine parts by examining new technologies that the industry does not yet use. He will then formalise processes for remanufacturing engines with high value parts such as cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, connecting rods, crankshafts and camshafts. He will also explore the reasons for scrapping these parts, including their reasons for failure. Sascha’s research will enable all businesses involved in remanufacturing combustion engines to reclaim more core parts instead of scrapping them, saving highly valuable resources.

After achieving his BEng degree, Sascha started working as a Graduate Engineer for Autocraft Drivetrain Solutions Limited, where he has been for the past four years. He is now a Project Engineer, focusing on automotive engine remanufacturing.

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