2022 Fellows

  • Dr Sathya Subramanian

    Quantum Algorithms for Testing and Learning

  • Dr Alex Riley

    Constraining the nature of dark matter with Galactic halo substructures

  • Dr Daniel Leybourne

    Elucidating the agro-ecological factors influencing virus success in cereal ecosystems

  • Dr Harry Lane

    Stabilising magnetism in two dimensions

  • Dr Gal Kronenberg

    Edge colouring and decomposition of graphs and hypergraphs

  • Dr Tim Hageman

    Next-generation ice-sheet fracture models to quantitatively predict sea-level rise

  • Dr Mark England

    Investigating the near-term climate benefits of reducing methane emissions: MethaneMIP

  • Dr Harvey Dale

    Chemical Origins of the Genetic Code: Lost in Translation

    2021 Fellows

    • Dr Gregory Chaplain

      Novel Development of Elastic Metamaterials

    • Dr Philip Wijesinghe

      Revealing cell mechanics with light-sheet microscopy

    • Dr Matthew Westaway

      Simple representations of modular Lie algebras

    • Dr Benjamin Walker

      Multifilament Methods on the Microscale

    • Dr Jasmine Lee

      Mapping conservation actions for Antarctic biodiversity facing rapid global change

    • Dr Amparo Güemes

      Development of neurotechnology systems for improving glucose control

    • Dr Thomas Breithaupt

      Redefining the relationship between crystal defects and mantle flow

    • Dr Monireh Kabirnezhad

      A holistic approach to neutrino-nucleus interaction calculations for neutrino experiments.

    • Dr Tim Lamont

      Ecological function on restored coral reefs

      2020 Fellows

      • Dr John Patrick Stowell

        Cosmic Ray Neutron Detectors for Smart Agriculture/Civil Engineering Monitors

      • Dr Alex Plajer

        Addressing the Future of Plastics with CO2 Based Polymers

      • Dr Harry Miller

        Geometric approach to optimisation in quantum thermodynamics

      • Dr Claudia Bonfio

        Exchange of chemical messages between primitive cells

      • Dr Adam Smith

        Understanding strongly-correlated matter using quantum computers

      • Dr Niclas Westerberg

        Reshaping the quantum vacuum for photon sources

      • Dr Hannah Wauchope

        Understanding the past to predict the future

      • Dr Xianxin Guo

        End-to-end optical training of neural networks

        2019 Fellows

        • Dr Frances Dunn

          The rise of animals: challenging Darwin’s dilemma

        • Dr Keith Andrews

          Addressing diabetes: Glucose recognition with a bespoke molecular glove

        • Dr Luke Rhodes

          Emergent electronic properties of strain tuned superconducting materials

        • Dr Amit Hazi

          Diagram algebras via Soergel bimodules

        • Dr Thomas Macdonald

          Exploring nanostructured light absorbers: from optoelectronics to innovative photovoltaics

        • Dr Benno Simmons

          How invasive species transform a critical ecosystem function

        • Dr Tessa Young

          Characterising the cobalt delivery pathway for vitamin B12

        • Dr Timothy Haskett

          Development of genetic tools for rhizosphere engineering

          2018 Fellows

          • Dr Guillaume Nataf

            Colossal barocaloric effects in liquid crystals

          • Dr Susannah Bourne-Worster

            New design principles for biomimetic photosynthesis

          • Dr Emilio Martínez-Pañeda

            Micromechanical modelling of rock fracture: towards energy-efficient mining

          • Dr Davide Foffa

            ‘Elgin Reptiles’: the origins of the modern terrestrial fauna

          • Dr Christoph Schnedermann

            Investigation of efficient next-generation photo-electrochemical devices

          • Dr Ryan Schwamm

            Activation of nitrogen using alkaline earth metals

          • Dr Aden Forrow

            Modelling and inference in single-cell RNA sequencing

            2017 Fellows

            • Dr Felicity Allen

              Powerful CRISPR/Cas9 screens via computational prediction of DNA repair profile

            • Dr Zahid Padamsey

              Speed or precision? Dynamics of information flow in the brain

            • Dr Matthew Wallace

              Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging analysis of biopolymer materials

            • Dr Paul Holloway

              A microfluidic model of the neurovascular unit for stroke research

            • Dr Claire McIlroy

              Semi-crystalline materials in additive manufacturing

            • Dr Nicole Reindl

              Probing the nature of dark matter using hot white dwarfs

            • Dr Mark Puttick

              Biodiversity and the sixth mass extinction: lessons from the past

            • Dr Paul Knott

              Employing computer algorithms to automate the engineering of quantum states