The Commission celebrates work of Fellows with Virtual Alumni Science Evening

The Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 was pleased to invite a number of 1851 Fellows to discuss their research during a virtual Alumni Science Evening this February. The audience of 1851 Alumni and Commissioners heard from a mix of Research and Industrial Fellows and Industrial Design Studentships with a chance for Q&As in-between each section.

Each presenter shared a short 3-5 minute video, which can be accessed by clicking on their respective names.

  • Dr Christoph Schnedermann, Research Fellow: Sustainable Energy Storage under the Microscope
  • Dr Aden Forrow, Research Fellow: Mathematical modeling for single-cell sequencing
  • Marta Ferran Marques, Industrial Fellow: Luminescent coatings for ultrahigh temperature
  • Dr Mariastefania De Vido, Industrial Fellow: Faster, higher, stronger: high energy pulsed lasers for future applications
  • Alex Murdock, RAEng Enterprise Fellow: Developing non-flammable silica-based insulation materials for use in homes and buildings in the UK and Europe
  • Alex Dallman-Porter & Max Medhurst, Industrial Design Students: The
    Waterless Washing Company: Gentle and Sustainable Laundry
  • Roumyana Kotopanova, Industrial Design Student: Activation methods and their role in CAR T-cell therapy production
  • Kristof van der Fluit, Industrial Design Student: Get Involved - Your Community, Our Technology
  • Joy Zhang, Industrial Design Student: Circular Economy - A Systems Approach