Get Involved – Your Community. Our Technology

Industrial Design Student 2019

Kristof van der Fluit
Royal College of Art /
Service Design

We are more and more aware in our contemporary age about how interconnected we all are. We live in a world of networks, platforms, digital infrastructure, the world of globalisation and its many effects on society, economy, ecology and design. As a society, we are now complex assemblages of identities capable of collective impact on our urban contexts and global environment.

Get Involved is an online platform that aims to boost collective action, and better align engaged citizens to hyper local call-to-actions. We help residents to better channel their energy by giving local organisations the opportunity to tell their story in a way that connects with a wider audience. We found that getting involved in your community not only boosts your happiness but with the right understanding makes a real difference.

This project was conducted as a group effort between Lea Roca, Peter Williams, Camillo Montano Dahl, Valeska Noemi and Kristof van der Fluit.

This presentation was recorded in conjunction with our 1851 Virtual Alumni Science Evening 2021