In 2011 Manchester Metropolitan University, under the direction of Haleh Moravej, launched MetMUnch. This brought Nutritional Science out of the lecture theatre to the entire campus and to the public. Its central premise was to demonstrate how design-led techniques, combined with the keen creative minds of students and graduates could make healthy foods more appealing and accessible, first as part of a holistic student education and then, through this, to a wider public. It reached across all areas of the university as it sat simultaneously within and outside core disciplines.

The underpinning ethos for every aspect of MetMUnch was to integrate sustainable design-led principles into food production, distribution, preparation and consumption. Diverse professionals, nationally and internationally, were consulted and contributed to the programme. Consumers were empowered to make healthy choices by creating, easy-to-read, fun but serious, nutritional information on food packaging. Systems design and thinking was incorporated into every aspect of education enabling students to understand how to develop products, techniques and environments promoting healthy and sustainable eating habits design. Large scale, off campus, public health and science engagement events were promoted. By concentrating on the most basic human need – to be fed – the programme, used innovative design-led thinking and creative collaboration to address the most complex societal challenges of climate change, social entrepreneurship and nutrition.