Giving early career scientists/engineers of exceptional promise the opportunity to conduct research of their own instigation.

The Brunel Fellowship is aimed specifically at researchers in the core subjects of civil, mechanical, electrical or aeronautical engineering seeking to address the primary infrastructure needs of modern society: the buildings we live and work in, transportation of many forms and the machinery and plant which supply our energy needs. One award will be made each year.

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Do you have 3 years or less post-doctoral research experience and want to conduct innovative research of your own instigation in the core subjects of civil, mechanical, electrical or aeronautical engineering?

Fellowships are held from 1 October in the year of award for a period of typically 3 years, and offers cannot be deferred to a later year.

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The Brunel Fellowship celebrates the lifetime contributions of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, one of the leading engineers of the 19th Century, who was at the peak of his contributions to society at the time of the Great Exhibition in 1851. Applications are expected to embrace a wide range of projects, from low-TRL visionary new concepts to high-TRL advanced research projects approaching commercial exploitation.

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  • Dr Yabin Liu

    Tidal turbine cavitation and gust control with micro jets

  • Dr Saikumar Reddy Yeddula

    Dynamics of the shock wave in supersonic air-intake systems

  • Dr Edward Hart

    Advancing main-bearing science for wind and tidal turbines

  • Dr Andy Tay Kay Ping

    Magneto-mechanical biomedicine for pain modulation and immuno-engineering