Wootzano Ltd

RAEng 1851 Enterprise Fellow 2018

Atif Syed

Wootzano is a robotics company manufacturing highly dexterous robots which can handle very delicate objects with ease. We are a robotics company based in Sedgefield, in the North East of England. We make dexterous robots that are able to delicately handle fresh produce using our patented electronic skin, proprietary hardware and machine learning algorithms in fully integrated robotic packaging systems. Currently, robots lack the ability to feel objects in the same way as humans do, which makes them unable to handle delicate objects or tell their consistencies. Although robots rely on various sensors to sense their surroundings and the objects they interact with, none are able to measure pressure/force as precisely as human skin. Skin is an immensely complex organ, but the ability to sense touch comes from its nerve endings, which are extremely sensitive and numerous.

Wootzano's patented technology enables robots to have a greater sensory awareness of its environment, analysing data such as pressure, firmness, temperature, humidity and chemical signatures. Primarily focused within the agricultural industry, Wootzano has created autonomous packaging lines for fruit and vegetable packaging facilities around the world. The robotic system is able to trim, pick and pack delicate and easily damaged fresh produce such as tomatoes and grapes in a highly dexterous manner.

The robot can work 24/7 and give an exceptional return on investment (ROI). Our robot uses complex machine learning algorithms to perform the task and adapt to changing environments at the packaging facilities.

Using state of the art vision systems such as LiDAR and our proprietary machine learning models for automated inspection and weight estimation of fresh produce.

Over-the-air updates are used to keep the robots performing with optimum efficiency. They are also able to predict shelf-life and reduce the time fresh produce spends in a supply chain resulting in fresher produce on the shelves to the consumer and reduction of food waste. The aim is that by 2022, there would be a high likelihood of getting a punnet of fruits packaged by one of Wootzano's robotic systems. Wootzano is already working on orders worth more than £100 million and is on par to revolutionise how robots interact and work with humans.