RAEng 1851 Enterprise Fellow 2017

George Wright

Vochlea is a music technology company with a focus on audio controlled interfaces for music creation. The launch product is a hand-held device to translate vocalisations into instrumentation; helping people to capture their musical ideas and develop them into audible music.

The voice is an incredible tool, and our built-in method for audio expression. We’ve all practiced vocal expression since birth and consequently we all have a powerful, delicate and rich tool for audio and musical expression. Now with Vochlea there is a technology and device that can understand and interpret these vocalisations. Not only that, it can translate them into the desired sound. Imaging your beatboxing controlling drum samples, in real-time. Or your impression of a brass instrument controlling and crafting the sound of a software trombone. This is the power of Vochlea.

The product has been recognised for a number of awards including the IxDA Interaction Design Awards and the SXSW Audio and Music Innovation awards. With the help of the Enterprise Fellowship Vochlea aims to launch the initial product within the next 12 months – making music creation easier, faster and more intuitive than ever before.