Industrial Design Student 2019

Beren Kayali
Royal College of Art / Imperial College London
Innovation Design Engineering

Beren is working on sustainability and creativity projects to create both economic and environmental impact.

The award-winning concept for the centenary of British Airways called Tastenation is exhibited in Saatchi Gallery BA2119 Flight of the Future Exhibition and in Shanghai The Education Expo/FutureLab. Tastenation combines DNA testing and instant body health data with onboard 3D printed food to create a new multi-sensory dining experience, helping customers to make physical, timezone and cultural adjustments for future flying destinations. By integrating food culture from the destination, travellers will be more connected with the destination and enjoy their journey in a more energetic and healthy condition. The idea behind highly customized food, including customized portions, leads to less food waste and reduction in fuel consumption. Together with British Airways, Tastenation is designed to create a more seamless, healthy and sustainable future.

Tastenation was designed by Beren Kayali and her teammates: Yishan Qin / Shanshan Liu / Kiyohiro Izumo / Jixiao Wang.

Currently, Beren is working on another sustainability project which includes circularity of agricultural waste. Her project is looking into ways of utilizing peanut shells, which has the world’s most abundant organic polymers cellulose and lignin for different applications like hazardous oil spill filtration or reducing the usage of virgin resources.