Industrial Fellowship 2016-19

Industrial Fellow: Susanna Challinger
Company: KP Technology
Company industry: Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing
Company size: 2-10 employees
Company founded: 2000
Industrial Supervisor: Professor Iain Baikie, CEO
University: St. Andrews University

Susanna Challinger

“The Industrial Fellowship strengthened our relationship with academia”

The Industrial Fellowship programme provided lasting commercial benefit for our company, as well as strengthening the relationship between us and the academic partner, St. Andrews University, leading to broader collaboration between the two institutions. Our company provided advice, support and training for researchers, while St. Andrews supported us with fabrication of samples, and the Industrial Fellow had a central role in strengthening this link. Additionally, our CEO was appointed as an Honorary Professor, formalising and extending the existing link.

Our Industrial Fellow’s PhD project would not have been able to continue without the Royal Commission’s support. The Fellowship facilitated travel to international conferences and helped her collaborate with other scientists working in the field; experience that contributed to her research and she further developed with us. The research also involved collaboration with external agencies including Police Scotland and the National Crime Agency, and the Royal Commission even purchased new equipment for us to help our Fellow explore new areas of commercial development as part of her research.

The research performed under the Industrial Fellowship with us has resulted in seven peer-reviewed publications, with five as first author. Work from the research project continues to be submitted for publication after the Fellowship.