Spree – (Preventing overuse injuries in running)

Industrial Design Student 2019

Lorenzo Spreafico
Royal College of Art/Imperial College
Innovation Design Engineering

Running is one of the most injury-prone sports in the world, and the vast majority of these injuries are caused by runners not knowing when and for how long to rest from the sport. When these injuries are not detected early, they often require surgery to heal, and sometimes still have permanent effects on the runner.

Lorenzo Spreafico

Running-related pain can be a particularly good indicator on how to manage your effort in running, but it’s extremely hard to interpret, and often leads to misjudgement by inexperienced runners. They tend to ignore it, push themselves to run more, and often end up with serious overuse injuries.

What if you had a device that could analyze your runs, your effort and your pain, and give you personalized information on when to take a break?

What if we could prevent overuse injuries, and effectively transform running from one of the most injury-prone sports to a safe one, characterized by longevity?

Spree does exactly this: runners can now input the amount of pain they feel during a run into the product – the device then combines this information with data it gathered during the run. In fact, Spree has one of the most accurate step tracking systems in existence: by having one Spree per shoe, the system is able to track your steps with almost perfect accuracy – it then analyzes the interval between steps to identify abnormalities in your cadence.

The wearable adapts with the user as they improve in their running, giving feedback which is always up-to-date, thus reducing the risk of runners making the wrong decision.

Spree is the first running wearable that truly treats rest as a key part of running performance – a value which is backed by professional runners, physiotherapists and doctors in the field.