Industrial Fellowship 2015-18

Industrial Fellow: Harry Cronin
Company: DZP Technologies
Company industry: Chemicals
Company size: 2-10 employees
Company founded: 2008
Industrial Supervisor: Zlatka Stoeva, Managing Director
University: University of Surrey

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“The Industrial Fellowship expanded our product offering”

The Royal Commission’s Industrial Fellowship gave our small company, DZP Technologies, the rare opportunity to do extensive research in one area over several years. The Industrial Fellow was able to start with a broad research brief, investigating manufacturing techniques for a new class of materials, and explore new, tangentially related avenues in detail. Through the flexibility provided by the Commission, the funding continued for one year after the EngD had finished, allowing us to continue to employ the Fellow while letting him conduct further open, low technology readiness level (TRL) research. It was during this year that the most promising experimental results emerged.

In addition to process improvements related to our existing products, the R&D resulting from the Fellowship has opened up an entirely new product line. It is currently in commercial development for our customers.

We are fostering the strong relationship we have built with the university department, with funding from the Fellowship supporting visits and cooperative, mutually beneficial research. The Fellow’s presentations at conferences, also supported by the Royal Commission, has allowed us to extend our network internationally, with new research and commercial partnerships.

The Industrial Fellowship is an invaluable tool for attracting and retaining high-calibre employees and pursuing early-stage research goals that would otherwise be out of reach.