RAEng 1851 Enterprise Fellow 2021

Harish Pesala

I am the co-founder of Balkerne, a company that has developed the SmartResilience platform, which enables property owners and insurers to prevent losses from man-made and natural events such as armed robberies and extreme weather, through predictive, actionable, and location-based intelligence.

The award will provide Balkerne with grant funding, as well as networking, mentoring support, and lifetime membership to the enterprise hub. The Fellowship is funded by the Royal Commission for the Great Exhibition of 1851, as part of their wider programme of promoting excellence in science and innovation.

“We are working with leading retail firms and the wider insurance community to utilise cutting edge machine learning and AI to help create greater resilience to a range of major risks such as the impacts of climate change and in recent months COVID-19.”

Through continued development of our technology, we’re looking forward to helping enterprises and communities to become more resilient from societal risks such as climate change.