Gravity Sketch

RAEng ERA Enterprise Fellow 2017

Oluwaseyi Sosanya

Gravity Sketch is a 3D design software for virtual and augmented reality heads sets .

Gravity Sketch was initially a graduation project from a team of innovation design engineering students from Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art as part of their final year research.

Oluwaseyi Sosanya and the team looked deep into the ways designers and engineers represented 3d ideas and found areas of friction which a new user experience and immersive technology could bring a solution to.

Based on sketching, they have developed the most intuitive tool to freely express ideas in 3D. Through their “what you see is what you get” interface; 3D objects appear in real time, creating a new kind of digital authoring experience, bringing a dose of craft to the digital world. From students exploring 3D concepts to designers and engineers visualising 3d ideas in VR and AR, Gravity Sketch democratises digital 3D creation.

The tool was developed through a fascination with how people from all backgrounds express and communicate ideas. Empowered by Howard Gardner’s theory, the focus of the user experience was based on spatial intelligence, given that it is strongly connected to our creativity and 3D visualisation. The drive was to craft an experience that would allow users to truly extend their ideas and creativity immersed in a 3D space. The Gravity Sketch team has spread their message at various events around the world, speaking about the future of creation and showcase their work. They have given several TEDx talks about their insights in creating the tool and co-organised 3D creation nights at Tate Britain and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

The company is now focused on business development and gaining new users to help test and as the team prepares for launch. Oluwaseyi will be bringing the product to market with a few key automotive companies over the course of the RAEng 1851 Enterprise Fellowship.

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