RAEng ERA Enterprise Fellow 2018

Jack Pearson

As manufacturing advances there is a requirement for fully automated end to end production processes. Currently, wiring and assembly are extremely challenging to automate due to the complexity of modern products and limitations in current technologies. As customer demand grows for custom and niche products this is no longer acceptable.

After interviewing more than 30 companies on the challenges of producing custom products, EngX has developed a hybrid production process that automates 3D printing, assembly and wiring on one platform. With only a digital file, manufacturers can automate the production of custom electromechanical products. This reduces labour costs, error rates, injuries and opens up a new world of previously impossible products! Initially it will be applied to solve the challenges in producing custom robotics.

EngX has developed the prototype while working at the world’s top hardware accelerator in China. They are in the process of gearing up for pilots with a major UK robotics company.