Chip[s] Board

RAEng 1851 Enterprise Fellow 2019

Rowan Minkley

Sustainability is the core principle Chip[s] Board® Ltd was founded on and is the driving force behind our need to improve the world we live within.

Our vision is to create a truly circular bioplastic, using abundant waste as a feed source. Currently we are partnered with McCain, the largest global potato processing company in the world. We have developed a process to transform their waste into Parblex™, a bioplastics used in Chip[s] Board® composites.

Chip[s] Board® composites currently offer two ranges of composites.

  • Natural-fibre reinforced melt blends for application such as furniture, fashion and consumer electronics.
  • Aligned-fibre composite panels for engineering materials in the automotive and aeronautical industries.

By combining our Parblex™ bioplastic with natural fibres we create completely biobased composites to replace traditional reinforced plastics. This means at the end of a products life it can be disposed of sustainably via composting, anaerobic digestion or inhouse recycling, preventing further contribution to landfill subsequently polluting our planet.

But the process doesn’t just stop at potatoes! We are building a network of food and drink manufacturers to identify other viable feedstocks to create bioplastics from their waste.