Machine Eye

RAEng 1851 Enterprise Fellow 2021

Brendan Digney

Machine Eye is an intelligent safety system, designed to save lives in the primary industries: these are our farms, our quarries, and our industrial sites that are so essential to daily life. These industries have some of the worst fatality and serious injury rates in the UK, with life changing injuries being an unfortunate norm. Machine Eye changes that landscape, and builds a safer, more sustainable environment in our primary industries by applying AI technology to remove the cause of a large number of these incidents. As we move towards a more autonomous future, Machine Eye Technology is building the core for future interactions between human and industrial machine.

Applying for the 1851 fellowship, Machine Eye was attracted by the in-depth support it provided, to engineers, by fellow engineers. Nobody should develop technology in isolation, and indeed, when starting a new business, the support network with which one can surround themselves is critical. The 1851 Commission provides, through the fellowship, a wide network of experienced engineers willing to support each other, through fellowship, to build technologies which impact our daily lives. This is a hugely appealing factor, and an important part of why we applied. Over the next year, with the support of the fellowship, we will be growing our team, company and commercial reach, as we see our technology deployed with some fantastic partners, and fascinating locations.