Science, technology, engineering and maths are fundamental to meeting the challenges we face today and in the future.

STEM Learning believes every young person needs and deserves a world-leading STEM education, one that engages and nurtures their unique talents, and provides the knowledge and skills they will need to participate fully as the creators and citizens of tomorrow.

The Commission's Special Award's Programme has enabled STEM Learning to deliver three ENTHUSE Partnerships, located across the UK, impacting the lives of over 12,000 young people. ENTHUSE Partnerships are tailored two-year programmes bringing schools together to make lasting step-change improvements in STEM education by working with STEM Learning and STEM employers. Evidence shows that ENTHUSE Partnerships raise aspiration and achievement for pupils, inspiring teachers and boosting their knowledge, confidence and tools for teaching STEM.

Thanks to the Commission, these ENTHUSE Partnerships have helped to transform schools in some of the UK’s most disadvantaged communities. By supporting ENTHUSE Partnerships, the Royal Commission is part of a ground breaking collaboration of government, charities, employers and scientific societies, all showing their support for STEM subjects.

How they're helping teachers to support pupils living with disadvantage

Employer engagement in education

“A world-leading STEM education combines knowledge-rich and effective teaching; thinking, investigative, creative and practical skills; with experiences which develop a lifelong love for STEM and where it can lead. It has economic, social, cultural and ethical value, with positive impacts on social mobility, and promotes equality in future careers. With this Special Award from the Commission, we can reach more young people and help the most disadvantaged in society, changing lives through STEM education.”

Yvonne Baker
Chief Executive, STEM Learning