SmartSTEMs have a vision that every child in the world, regardless of age, gender, background, ethnicity, religion, location, will have equal and fair access to STEM education and career opportunities. Their mission is to provide equal access to inspire and realise the full potential of future generations, through facilitating cost-effective collaboration with industry and education. Their model works through two key initiatives; hub events and outreach events.

The funding SmartSTEMs received from the Commission has allowed the team to work on the digitisation of their services and the development of an online platform and event package which allows a more streamlined and efficient way of working with schools, industry, and further education. This allows SmartSTEMs to not only work locally but to continue their journey to widening STEM access to more young people from diverse and minority backgrounds; with their initial focus on reaching rural and island areas predominately in Scotland.

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"We were delighted to receive Special Award funding from the Commission to create a platform for streamlining our hub events. Very limited as they are, your Special Award is a ringing endorsement for the work that SmartSTEMs and our volunteers deliver. Your funding will allow us to scale our efforts and in so doing fundamentally deliver directly on the aims of your Charter to 'increase the means of industrial education’ in Britain."

Stuart Macdonald
Founder, SmartSTEMs