The Smallpeice Trust aims to inspire increasing numbers of young people to acquire life, leadership and engineering skills, to increase the number of engineers, to enable society. They have achieved this by providing young people, and those who most influence them, with safe environments in which they can be informed, influenced, and inspired about engineering careers. Through their programme of activities, the Trust specifically seeks to engage students that are currently underrepresented in engineering as a route to increasing the number and diversity of engineers solving complex global challenges.

Their activities include the Arkwright Engineering Scholarships programme, a 2-year programme for 16-18 years old that have been identified by their rigorous selection process as being high potential future leaders in engineering.

The Commission's Special Award's Programme makes it possible to award Scholarships to less advantaged students across the UK, with 50% being female. These role model students serve to inspire similar students to pursue engineering. This will lead to an increased number of underrepresented students studying engineering post-18, before entering the profession and improving the diversity of UK engineering.

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