Primary Engineer® is an educational, non-profit organisation providing a suite of programmes that encourage children to consider STEM and engineering careers, while addressing the diversity and gender imbalance within engineering. Using whole-class projects, teacher training, national competitions and interviews with engineers, Primary Engineer® is building a bridge between education and industry.

The Commission has been part of Primary Engineer’s journey since 2012, enabling the launch of impactful STEM projects like ‘If You Were an Engineer, What Would You Do?’, the Institution of Primary Engineer and the Institution of Secondary Engineer to hundreds of thousands of young people, teachers and parents across the UK. With continued support from the Commission, Primary Engineer hope to replicate their ambitious goal through an upcoming podcast.

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Primary Engineer
" The Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 are an exceptional, visionary funder whose continued support has enabled growth and evolution in engaging early years, primary and secondary school students in engineering and preparing them for future STEM-based careers."

Dr Susan Scurlock MBE
CEO and Founder of Primary Engineer®