RAEng 1851 Enterprise Fellow receives Award from UK Gov for ‘Innovative’ and ‘Inspiring’ Project

The Commission is ecstatic to announce that our RAEng 1851 Enterprise Fellow 2020, Bella Trang Ngo, has been given the UK government’s prestigious Women in Innovation Award for Brarista’s pioneering approach in the world of fem-tech.

"I feel incredibly honoured and motivated to be recognised by Women in Innovation.
This award will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to self-develop and to grow by
learning from other female innovators who are all so passionate about challenging the
status quo and reaching their dreams, no matter where they come from," she says.

Bella is CEO and co-founder of Brarista, a company that brings professional bra fitting services to the homes of every woman, using advanced technologies.

Find out more about Brarista here

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“The virtual fitting world lacks lots of reliable bra sizing data of real life women. And it’s quite sad to know that even in the world of data science, women bodies and female breast sizing is still not well represented or understood. Brarista is here to change that.”

Bella Trang Ngo
RAEng 1851 Enterprise Fellow