This Mental Health Awareness Week we’d like to share with you Syndi Health, a remote patient monitoring and mental health care navigation platform co-founded by 1851 Alumni Ben Lakey.

Syndi Health is an outcome driven digital health recommendation platform using machine learning and digital phenotyping. They make sure students, patients, employees and subscribers find the right digital health support for them, right when they need it.

Mental health and wellness service providers want to increase access to effective support and enable self-management of mental illnesses to lead to sustained recovery. But, there is a shortage of therapists and counsellors. No one has the time or even the ability, to assess, monitor, and guide people towards the support that they need when they need it.

To solve that, they built Syndi, a remote patient monitoring and care navigation platform. What makes it special is passive smartphone sensor and app usage data collection to assess and monitor the impact of data-driven recommendations to existing clinically validated recommended digital resources. That way it makes it quicker and more affordable for customers to assess, prioritise and monitor the symptoms of users by matching them to the existing digital apps and services that have the best opportunity to improve the health of each individual patient.

Read more about Syndi Health here