Meet our Alumni: André Xuereb

André Xuereb
Research Fellow 2011

I still fondly remember the day in 2011 I was informed that I had been awarded a Research Fellowship from the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851. I knew that I had been handed an opportunity that could change my life – and so it did. I spent the next three years establishing myself as an independent researcher, trying to peel back the veil of the universe and understand the strange behaviour of things small enough to be governed by the rules of quantum mechanics. Much like the Schrödinger Cat that I grew fond of I was simultaneously in Belfast, where I was part of the quantum technologies group, and in Malta, where I carved out a niche for myself.

After my fellowship ended, I was recruited by the University of Malta, where I have remained; since 2019 I am the proud father of a beautiful daughter and have been heading the Department of Physics. Both are amongst the most rewarding experiences of my life. Earlier in 2021, I was appointed Malta’s first Ambassador for Digital Affairs; although I am facing a steep learning curve, there is something humbling about being given the opportunity to apply my technical mindset to a diplomatic role.

Meet Our Alumni André Xuereb