1851 Special Awardee, Kids Invent Stuff, create an original engineering-themed musical

To kick off an exciting year of free Primary age STEM opportunities, 1851 Special Awardee, Kids Invent Stuff have teamed up with award-winning theatre maestro Seamas Carey to create an original engineering-themed musical; premiering on YouTube on Wednesday 19th January, and followed by a Live Online Schools Q&A, hosted by YouTubers Ruth & Shawn from Kids Invent Stuff!

With catchy songs from start to finish, this mini YouTube musical documents the process of Ruth & Shawn bringing to life 6-year-old Erin’s invention idea for a Toilet Cleaning Robot - As fun a way to engage a primary age audience with STEM themes!

Inspired by contributions from Reception & Year 1 pupils, this one-of-a-kind musical learning experience offers teachers and parents the resources and the opportunity to engage children with STEM themes in an entirely new, fun and memorable way. Showing, through the fun of musical theatre, that engineers aren’t just greasy men in overalls who fix cars and washing machines!

Engineering Musical Premiere on YouTube – 2pm Wednesday 19th Jan 2022

Live Primary School Q&A – 2.30pm Wednesday 19th Jan 2022