Born to Engineer

Mathew Holloway
Industrial Fellow 2014

Mathew Holloway graduated from the University of Bath with 1st class Honours in Innovation and Engineering Design (MEng) in 2003 and completed a join Masters (MSc and MA) in Innovation Design Engineering at Imperial college and the RCA in 2008.

A co-founder of two successful start-ups, he joined Q-Bot in 2013 because of its potential to impact on society and the environment in a positive and large scale manner. His Industrial Fellowship aims to develop robotic technology capable of insulating the floors and walls of buildings without the disruption of existing methods and techniques. This will make them far more affordable to heat, as well as helping them meet government targets for energy efficiency and CO2 emissions.

"Q-Bot was established to use technology to address the opportunity that we could see in the built environment. Advances in robotics and AI meant processes, that in some cases hadn't changed in hundreds of years, could now be done quicker, safer and to a much higher quality. Using robots to install underfloor insulation was the starting point on this journey."

Mathew Holloway
Q-Bot Limited, CEO