After NASA touchdown, meet the 1851 Industrial Fellow on a mission to Mars

Marta Ferran is part of an all-woman crew planning a trip to Utah's Mars Desert Research Station.

In October 2021, a crew of 6 scientists and engineers will begin a 14-day mission under Mars-like conditions. Being one of the few all-female MDRS crews, they believe this is a great opportunity to study the scientific, social, and medical performances of their team. In addition, each of the crew will conduct innovative scientific research related to their field of expertise and their role as crew member at the MDRS.

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0 Marta Ferran pilot
"I’m a very ambitious person; being an astronaut or working in space is like my maximum goal," she says. "When I have an idea in my mind, I want to do it no matter what."

Marta Ferran
1851 Research Fellow, courtesy of Bedfordshire Live