Founded in 2012, family maths charity Maths on Toast wants everyone to feel positive about maths. It develops fun, crafty, playful maths activities and resources, and delivers events and workshops for families and communities.

Funded by the Commission, their Maths on Toast Bites project is a series of five short ‘How To’ videos with children aged 8 - 11 demonstrating a range of activities which families can try together.

The project aims to broaden children and their families’ view of what and where maths is, and show that maths can be creative family fun. Creating positive experiences of doing maths as a family can counter the anxiety and negativity associated with maths for some children and adults. Exploring maths through fun, non-pressured activities increases the enjoyment of maths which in turn increases motivation and achievement.

As an online resource, Maths on Toast Bites has a national reach, allowing families across the country to experience the charity’s creative, hands-on approach. Maths on Toast Bites was also an exciting opportunity for the charity to develop its collaborative approach to working with children.

Find fun, creative, hands-on maths activities, games, films, advice and tips on their website

“Maths on Toast Bites illustrate perfectly that ‘maths is everywhere and for everyone’. The films show fun, creative, hands-on activities that we hope will be shared far and wide to inspire children and their families to look at maths in a different light and explore the many possibilities that maths has to offer. The enjoyment of maths in its many forms provides the first step to creating a positive attitude to maths that can help counter maths anxiety and a lack of confidence in maths.” 

Lucy Davis
CEO, Maths on Toast