Kids Invent Stuff is the YouTube Channel where 4-11 year olds have the chance to get their invention ideas built by real engineers. They do this to give more primary school kids the chance to engage with real engineering projects.

Presented by Ruth Amos and fellow award-winning engineer Shawn Brown, they bring to life a different kids invention every month; with often hilarious consequences!

So far Kids Invent Stuff has brought to life some AMAZING kids invention ideas such as a robot shopping trolley, the World’s first sneeze-activated flamethrower and they've also built a giant chain reaction machine from 60 kids’ invention ideas to set a new World record.

Their projects have been featured on Tomorrow’s World Live, BBC News Online, major US TV news outlets and their 2018 highlight was a live invention demo on BBC’s The One Show.

Mini Inventors can submit their invention ideas for their latest challenge on the Kids Invent Stuff website

Visit their YouTube channel here

"We wouldn’t have been able to start Kids Invent Stuff without the support of the Commission, and we are very grateful that they could see the potential of the project right at the start. 1851 are an amazing organisation to work with and support some fantastic projects."

Ruth Amos
Presenter and Inventor