Fun Kids is the UK's only radio station that's dedicated to children, broadcasting on DAB digital radio and also available online at

As well as entertaining children and their families 24 hours a day, Fun Kids helps children learn through informative, inspiring and above all fun short-form programmes for broadcast, podcast and video on demand.

The Commission has funded the creation of three series to help inspire children to explore STEM – all presented by a time travelling Victorian engineer from Edinburgh – Sir Sidney McSprocket.

Their first two series explored a range of everyday items, and how they were designed and created – from the ubiquitous paper clip to concrete canvas.

In 2020, they created a third series entitled ‘Sir Sidney McSprocket’s Great British Minds’ with Sir Sidney travelling back to the 1851 Great Exhibition to meet inventors who created objects that were cutting edge for their time, before focusing on some of today’s great minds and their exciting work.

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