Applications open in June

The Commission will be awarding the next Fellowship in the Built Environment in 2021. Full details, including the title of the project, will be posted on this site in June 2021 when applications will be invited.

The value of the award is £50,000 per year. Applications are welcome from post-graduates, researchers, practitioners or professionals on a career break. Entries will be accepted not only from individuals but also from formal or informal partnerships.

Introduced in 1995, awards have been made for research into:

  • Landscape and Modernity
  • Urban Issues, Human Habitation
  • Transport and the Built Environment
  • Housing for the 21st Century
  • Climate Change – The future for Building Design
  • Urban design: Ideas for part of the Commission’s Estate
  • Towns and cities in Shock
  • Genetics and the Built Environment
  • Cycling and the Built Environment
  • Manufacturing an Inhabitable City
  • What is the High Street for? What Might the “Future High Street” be like?