Currently closed to applications

The 1851 Research Fellowship in the Built Environment is intended to enable those at a more advanced stage in their career to explore important current issues, selected by the Commission.

Applications are welcomed from post-graduates, researchers, practitioners or professionals on a career break. Applicants need not be architects or surveyors – anyone with relevant expertise is eligible to apply.

The next Fellowship in the Built Environment is scheduled for May 2025.

Introduced in 1995, awards have been made for research into:

  • Landscape and Modernity
  • Urban Issues, Human Habitation
  • Transport and the Built Environment
  • Housing for the 21st Century
  • Climate Change – The future for Building Design
  • Urban design: Ideas for part of the Commission’s Estate
  • Towns and cities in Shock
  • Genetics and the Built Environment
  • Cycling and the Built Environment
  • Manufacturing an Inhabitable City
  • What is the High Street for? What Might the “Future High Street” be like?
  • Restoring Nature in the City
  • How can AI assist in meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals?