When do applications open? When is the deadline?
Applications are currently open. Applications should be submmited by midday 5 September 2022.

What is the application process?
Stage 1 applications are due in on 5 September. These are then assessed by the committee who will ask shortlisted candidates to provide an amplifying statement in Stage 2. After assessment by the committee, those further shortlisted will be called for interviews in November, with the Fellowship commencing in December.

When does the Fellowship begin?
The Fellowship needs to commence by the end of the calendar year - December 2022.

Is there any selection criteria?
There is no specific criteria. The Committee are looking for proposals that have tangible outputs with a practical impact. The Committee will be looking for how your results will be disseminated and how they might feed into policy. Part of the process for this award is of the applicant interpreting the broad and general brief. The Committee wait to be surprised and persuaded by applications.

The proposal.
We ask that the outline of the proposal is laid out over two pages of A4. It should be clear to read when printed out and when viewed electronically. The Committee are looking for proposals that have tangible outputs with a practical impact.

Do I need a mentor? Can I have more than one mentor?
Yes, the application must demonstrate an agreed plan with a UK mentor. You may apply with as many mentors as you like but you should nominate one who will be responsible for submitting reports to the Commission. The mentor is required to submit reports about the progress of the Fellow and project every six months.

What does the £50,000 per year funding cover?
There are no restrictions on what the funding can be used for. It can be spent on whatever the Fellow requires including overheads. Please note there is no additional funding for expenses, consumables etc.

Where should I include budgetary information on the application form?
We do not require any budgets or costings at the application stage.

How is the funding provided?
£22,500 is paid upfront on agreement of milestones and deliverables. Three further payments of £22,500 are made at six-monthly intervals on presentation of satisfactory progress reports with a final payment of £10,000 paid on submission of a final report and production of the final deliverables (which may be a publication, exhibition or something practical). The funding can be paid via an institution if the Fellow prefers.

Do I have to be based in the UK?
Applicants must have a right to live and work in the UK at point of application. Their right to work in the UK must not be dependent on a successful outcome of their application. Applicants do not have to technically be present in the UK at the point of application, for example somebody who is on sabbatical overseas, or temporarily based overseas, is not disbarred from applying.

Can I apply with collaborators?
Yes. You can apply with one main applicant and add collaborators. We ask for one main applicant as this person will be the point of contact, and the person who is allocated funds (what they do with the funds is then entirely up to them).