Engineers Without Borders UK engages and galvanises the engineering community to serve all people and our planet better than ever before. Part of a global movement of over 60 Engineers Without Borders organisations, we inspire, enable and influence the engineering community to take action to put global responsibility at the heart of engineering.

The Commission's Special Award allowed us to showcase a handful of those from the thousands in our community who are shaping the future of the sector, through our Change Maker campaign. By presenting the insights and experiences of these individuals we hope to inspire the next generation of globally responsible engineers by highlighting not just the social and environmental impacts of the profession, but the diversity of roles and pathways that are available, challenging widely held assumptions about the sector.

We continue to engage Change Makers from around the world in our campaign to emphasise the importance of diversity of thought, experience and background with one common goal; to see engineering serve all people and the planet better than ever before.

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"We need engineers who consider their impact, who consider the global dimension and make careful choices about what they work on and how they deliver that to create long term sustainable solutions."

Sakthy Selvakumaran
Change Maker