Bright Box Makerspace creates sneaky learning opportunities for everyone to practice creative problem solving with the help of role models. They work with systemically and historically oppressed groups with the aim of addressing the lack of diversity and inclusion in tech, engineering and creative industries by raising aspirations, increasing confidence, and breaking down barriers to careers in the industry.

A pilot programme of mobile makerspaces was launched with the 1851 special award, providing 14 high quality events for 280 young people that otherwise would not have access to inclusive activities. Children and parents described the events as ‘creative chaos’ and ‘fun science’!

Support from the Commission's Special Award's progamme meant that Bright Box were able to test and prove the success of mobile makerspaces delivered in the heart of communities.

This success helped them to grow - they have since delivered mobile makerspaces across more than 30 communities, reaching more than 8000 children and young people with mobile makerspaces.

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